Redeemed Vintage Winter Event Plans in the Works

As many of you know I am a deal magnet. It seems that wherever I go I come across incredible pieces of furniture, accessories, art or garden pieces selling for great prices. I love to browse the resale shops, or clearance aisles of my favorite shops in the Chicago Northwest suburbs.

A couple of my girlfriends and I have decided to purchase the items that we run across that are just too good to pass up, redeem them by, repairing, painting, staining or just cleaning them up and have a couple of “invitation only” sales per year for our friends, family and neighbors (and their girlfriends)  :)

So, the collection of loot has begun in a big way.   Below is a sample of one of my first redeemed pieces.  Stay tuned for pictures of before and after items that we are working on.

Here is a sample of the items that we are finding:

Before 3 Drawer Chest

Before Photo of 3 Drawer Chest

After  3 Drawer Chest

After Photo of 3 Drawer Chest