Dining Set, Bernhardt French Table 6 Chairs

I wanted to share one of the dining sets that will be offered at our show. This was a Salvation Army find. I loved the legs, particularly the raised foot. The quality was obvious even from a distance. When I got close though, I could see the top was heavily scratched. I flipped over one of the chairs and saw the Bernhardt tag and the quality was confirmed. I believe this set was made in 1927 or there about. The chairs were in perfect condition, really solid, and they still had their original seat covers! Ugh, the padding was pretty much nonexistent, all that is easy to change.

After a long period of sanding

I didn’t mention that after all the sanding, I stained the top in a dark walnut…..awful….it was so uneven from the level of sanding that I had to do that I decided Paris Grey it will be. I like it so much. Any thoughts?  How about that Ikat fabric!

Here is a shot of the buffet and mirror that coordinate with the table and chairs.  I have worked on this buffet off and on for a month, I changed the hardware and filled the previous holes where the old screws had gone and for some reason when I waxed the painted drawer the filler would take the wax different than the rest of the drawer and stand out.  Frustrating….I finally removed the filler and purchased the Elmers brand and that did the trick.  I could still see traces so I painted the harlequin design….I like it so much!   These are all going to be hard to part with, but remember this is staged in my basement….there is no room to bring this loot upstairs!


Hope you are getting excited about the sale :)