Inpatients before and after deer visit

Glorious day in Lake Zurich today, had to snap a couple shots of the flowers in my urns along our back fence….before (last week) and today!

Last Week, looking good

Urn No. 1

Urn No. 2

Ha, seems he got a little more aggressive on this one!

I snapped a few more shots to share since it is so pretty outside.

We have had so much rain this summer my bushes have gone crazy…here is a little peek of my flea market find a couple of years ago….love

Coppola peaking through the bushes

Favorite Bird Feeder

Birdhouse peaking through the trees

Everything seems just a little tilted

Home to lots of feathered friends right outside my kitchen window

Need to get out there and paint my posts

Squirrel family lives here :)

I love my Boston Ivy Climbing up the house

outside looking in

inside looking out

I’ll be working outside today enjoying this wonderful weather instead of my basement studio.  Happiness.  Have a great day too.