Latest Great Finds and a Finished Project

Hi there, last week I really hit the jackpot at our local Goodwill shop.  I have been collecting green bottles and displaying them on an industrial piece that I picked up last spring.  My daughter Michelle, who has wonderful decorating taste,  has been incorporating industrial pieces into her home and I just love how it adds a modern edge to her rooms.  After seeing her place, I wanted to get that look too :)  I had been on the lookout for pieces that I could  incorporate into my house when I  came across this enormous shelving unit at the antique flea market.  It came from a furniture manufacturing company ‘s warehouse that was closing its doors and selling its contents.

Great Find at the Lake County Flea Market for Family Room Makeover

I loved everything about it, especially its color.  I bought in and rolled it out to my SUV, then immediately panicked when I realized how big it was!  Oh my, what have I done?????   I didn’t seem quite that big inside the huge building I bought it in.  Thankfully,  I have a girlfriend whose husband has a pickup truck.  Lorrie usually comes to these flea markets with me,  so when I called she was so gracious and came right away to help me!  What a friend!    While I was waiting, I really was thinking maybe I made a mistake, shoot!  My fears were calmed when Lorrie immediately loved it too.  It barely fit into the truck bed, but with help from a couple of guys at the market, we got it in and drove very slowly all the way home.  When my husband saw it, he could hardly believe his eyes :)  He was visualizing it in the garage with all my loot on it, but he is a good sport and really does like it in our family room.

Placed in my family room before latest find

And after this week’s Goodwill find.

with added finds

Notice the three large demijohns!  Yes, I found them at the Goodwill.   I love their texture.  What do you think?

Onto another project completed this week.  Have you noticed how retro chairs are on the comeback?

Wisteria on sale for $639 plus $150 shipping

A couple of weeks ago I found these two chairs when I was making my rounds at the resale shops.   There is something about this squared back and sleek arms that I really like!   What do you think?  Can you visualize them painted and with a new updated fabric?  Or are you just thinking B A D, Bad, bad?

As found

side view, I like the cane and the shape of the legs too

I removed the piping and cushions and painted the frame with Annie Sloan Graphite paint and finished with Briwax Dark wax.  Huge improvement there…. next I  beefed up the cushions and  attached them directly to the chair instead of having loose cushions.    Here they are now in my basement/workroom/showroom combo…..

finished chairs

I didn’t have two matching colorful pillows, but I do like the pop of color on them.

leather accents and nail head trim

Close up of the details that I used to cover the staples.  All the items hanging on the wall behind the chairs are vintage pieces that I have been finding and will be offering at the sale I am having in January.

One more look with different pillows….

with leopard pillows

colorful pillows one more time

What do you think?  I really like them.  Do you think the  shape is fantastic too?   I have a couple more chairs that are a similar shape that I still need to redo which will look great across from these two with that hugh ottoman in the middle.    Love to hear your thoughts.  Have a great week!

Ugly Picture Frame, Chicken Wire, Spray Paint

Good morning, today I am going to share a project that my partner Robbyn and I completed yesterday….Robbyn is 35 weeks pregnant and feeling highly motivated to get her house in order before this baby (boy #4) is born. I love helping her in that mission, we have so much fun pumping out these projects! Our partner Lorrie, has been in Texas for the last two weeks getting her daughter settled or she would be right here with us! So fun to work with these great friends!

The goal was to have a spot to hang the kids artwork, to be changed out on a weekly basis…….a spot that did not include the front of the refrigerator.

Here is what we created with a once ugly, huge, and inexpensive picture frame, chicken wire, and flat black spray paint:

finished piece in use right in the mudroom

with Robbyn....she is so cute

Finished Art Holder

The plan was to use clothes pins to clip the art onto the piece.  Did you notice the cute decorated clothes pins in the first photo, below is a close up of those pins.  I found those today at the cutest shop I came across in Barrington, IL, earlier today.  Such a great shop.  Tattered Tiques.   Details at   It looks so great!  Here are a few pictures of the work in progress.

close up of the cute clothes pins


We had purchased a bolt of chicken wire from our local True Value a few months ago to put inside the doors of Robbyn’s buffet.. seen here:

Once I made sure the wire was wide enough to fill the inside of the frame,  I laid the frame face down and stapled the wire to the back of the frame.  I pulled it as tight as it would go as I stapled so it would be tight.  Then using wire snippers I cut it to length.

We then taped off the linen inner frame so it would not get spray painted….and covered the chicken wire with old ugly wrapping paper I had in my storage room so that the chicken wire didn’t get painted either.

This is a really fun and easy project.  Makes me want to make another one!  Any thoughts?

Comfy Chair Reupholstered plus Kitchen Table and Chairs Makeover

Hi there,  first off I want to wish my daughter,  Michelle,  a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You are such an inspiration, and I love you!

I have been working on several projects over the last week that I want to share with you tonight.   My partner,  Robbyn,  and I finished up this comfy chair and ottoman for the baby’s room.  Scroll down to see the before shots, and a couple of in-progress shots.

After shot – reupholstered chair & ottoman in nursery

before shot

I had just removed the piping and started painting the frame when I remembered to get a before shot!

removing the back

I removed all the piping and the back covering.  I left all the other fabric on the chair.  Sorry, I didn’t show each step,  but basically removing the back fabric is the hardest part of reupholstering a chair.  The front, and side fabric get tucked into the frame and stapled to the back.  There are some great tutorials showing step by step videos on ways to reupholster chairs.  These were really helpful, I watched a couple of those….ordered the supplies  I would need on e-bay, including the high end upholstery fabric (6 yards),….and muddled through getting it done.  Not perfect, but overall it looks sooooo cute.  Robbyn sewed up the cushion cover,  which was a first for her and it included a zipper, also a first!  We had so much fun working on this!

After doing all this work with this beautiful blue color, I decided to be bold and paint my kitchen set.  I have been thinking about doing something different with this set for several years now.   Since I have been doing all these makeovers my mom has been encouraging me to take on my kitchen set.  Here it is!

And here is the before look…


So…..what do you think?  Would love to hear your thoughts.