Comfy Chair Reupholstered plus Kitchen Table and Chairs Makeover

Hi there,  first off I want to wish my daughter,  Michelle,  a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You are such an inspiration, and I love you!

I have been working on several projects over the last week that I want to share with you tonight.   My partner,  Robbyn,  and I finished up this comfy chair and ottoman for the baby’s room.  Scroll down to see the before shots, and a couple of in-progress shots.

After shot – reupholstered chair & ottoman in nursery

before shot

I had just removed the piping and started painting the frame when I remembered to get a before shot!

removing the back

I removed all the piping and the back covering.  I left all the other fabric on the chair.  Sorry, I didn’t show each step,  but basically removing the back fabric is the hardest part of reupholstering a chair.  The front, and side fabric get tucked into the frame and stapled to the back.  There are some great tutorials showing step by step videos on ways to reupholster chairs.  These were really helpful, I watched a couple of those….ordered the supplies  I would need on e-bay, including the high end upholstery fabric (6 yards),….and muddled through getting it done.  Not perfect, but overall it looks sooooo cute.  Robbyn sewed up the cushion cover,  which was a first for her and it included a zipper, also a first!  We had so much fun working on this!

After doing all this work with this beautiful blue color, I decided to be bold and paint my kitchen set.  I have been thinking about doing something different with this set for several years now.   Since I have been doing all these makeovers my mom has been encouraging me to take on my kitchen set.  Here it is!

And here is the before look…


So…..what do you think?  Would love to hear your thoughts.