Guest Room Makeover

Did you happen to see these beautiful French twin beds on Mary of Urban Farmgirl’s blog here?   

matching French twin beds from Urban Farmgirl

I had been dreaming about a set of twin beds like these for about three years!  I had even begun to collect the bedding for them when I saw doubles of items on sale!  Am I the only one that does that?  Anyway, when I saw these on Mary’s Blog I immediatly knew I wanted them and sent Mary an e-mail trying to claim them as sold (to me)!  Mary has thousands of followers on her blog and she told me she did in fact still have them,  but there was another gal wanting them badly too.  To make a long story short, the beds are mine and I am thrilled with them.   This purchase started my guest room makeover!

We had a room upstairs in our home that was one of those extra rooms that went from the homeschooling room when my daughter home schooled, to the e-bay selling product storage and shipping prep room, to the most recent state of toss all the cast off junk room.

to this:

vintage cameras and binoculars in worn leather cases

18th century French vanity stool turned nightstand with English Leather Suitcase & custom little night light

top removed from entertainment stand my husband and father-in-law built 30+ years ago

wanted guests to know they could set there luggage on each side of the trunks….traced definition of luggage and painted right onto the piece

opportunity to use this vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase I had found treasure hunting at Savers…filled to the brim with guest towels

vintage leather suitcases and wicker storage cases …. love the texture these add

vintage writing desk

gold leaf modern chair with fur seat cushion pulled from my shop to place at the writing desk

vintage petite crystal chandelier hanging from a hook over the antique writing desk

old organ front turned wall art with Paris map wrapping paper Modge Podged onto a framed canvas hanging under it

corned filled with basket of pillows and other textured objects

view from the hallway when in progress

ready for house guests!

I’m so excited to have another functioning guest room!  Once the beds were in place I probably made 30 trips down to my basement where my Redeemed Vintage showroom is located to raid it for accessories.  Which ones you ask?  All of the leather suitcases, all of the wicker baskets, the hotel silver bowl full of toiletries on the desk, the gilded fur chair, the awesome brass lamp with black shade (I love that lamp!!!) the cute little ironstone bowls on the desk, the industrial bin under the French vanity stool, the French vanity bench (really that never even made it into the shop!), the vintage camera’s and binoculars in leather cases, the copper wall art/tray over the stacked trunks!

I want to give a shout out to my daughter,  Michelle (my own personal visionary!), for all the great inspiration images and ideas she sent me to make the room inviting to girls and boys, men and women!  I could have made it so girly with those fantastic beds from Urban Farmgirl!

I would love to hear your thoughts.  I have been busy replenishing my accessories, painting and upholstering several new items for my next sale.  If you like the kinds of things that I used in this guest room makeover, you may want to come to my next Redeemed Vintage by Invitation Sale Event.  Send me an e-mail if you would like to be added to my guest list.

Here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on:

French Buffet

Ikat Linen covered French Chair with Zebra Linen covered back

lots of great candle sticks and several Coat of Arms