English Advertising Pots Added to Redeemed Vintage Treasures

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Good morning,

i have exciting news!  With my daughter moving to London I have been busy sourcing several suppliers for Vintage and Antique English Avdertising Pots, inks, ginger beers, apothecary bottles and other curiosities from the 1800’s to the early 1900’s. I started collecting these charming little pots when we lived in England 30 years ago.  You all have always wanted to purchase mine, but I wasn’t ready to part with them.  Well that has all changed!

I now have over 200 of these charming pieces, with shipments coming weekly from Europe.  Are you interested?   Did you know that you can come shopping all year round, not just at my shows?  Yes, I have friends, designers, shop keepers, Redeemed Vintage Show Faithfuls visiting and treasure hunting several times a week all year round.  (when I’m not out of town  hunting that is😉). I Love it!   Do you want to come shopping?  Would you like to bring your friends for a girls day out?  I would love to hear from you.   Email me, for all the particulars.   You won’t be disappointed.




6 thoughts on “English Advertising Pots Added to Redeemed Vintage Treasures

  1. Carol, London?? What about the Grand baby??? How exciting for the family!!. Yes I must come for a visit, miss seeing your work derful treasuresv& you…..kitty c

  2. Hello Carol-
    Hope all is well with you and your family and that wonderful grand baby of yours! I bet she is cuter then ever.
    What a wonderful collection. Mom is salivating over my shoulder as I write this. We would love to pay a visit without the crowds. Don’t know if you would open for two, but would love to see what you have. What type of hours are you available? Weekends work better for me these days Please let me know. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Erin and Charlene Johnson

  3. HI Carol

    Any time this Saturday? My lovely daughter will be home. Always delightful to poke around.


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